Zahava transforms dynamically into 4 personas in one evening!
A night filled with celebrities, comedy, charisma and singing will leave your
guests utterly entertained for years to come!
Full DIVA SHOW available! 
How the night will unfold: 
 Get Red Carpet ready as guests arrive with Joan Rivers
Cocktail hour and dinner, with a performance by Marilyn
Get the night started with a high energy and 
 Interactive dancing performance with Shania Twain & Katy Perry!
These Hollywood Divas are a knock out hit!
Featuring Zahava as all 4 celebrities!!!
You can even bring Sinatra & MJ on board for a full Hollywood experience!
MJ comes with 4-10 dancers as well!
Contact for pricing and availibility before its too late!

Zahava has over 20yrs of experience performing in front of crowds as big as 10,000 people or more and she does not lip sync!

She is professional, reliable, well rehearsed, off the cusp, and

truly brilliant! 

*All images and videos on this site are OUR actors in character

Each celebrity page contains more media 

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World-class Performances

Birthday song, walk around, on stage routine & more

Marilyn Monroe impersonator full hour singing actToronto impersonator lookalike

Birthday song, walk around, on stage routine & more

Marilyn Monroe impersonator full hour singing actToronto impersonator lookalike

Full one hour tribute available, you will want her autograph! 

Shania Twain impersonator dancer singe Toronto impersonatr lookalike, Wedding Planner in Toroto

Red carpet gag Entertainment for the best and worst dressed

Joan Rivers impersonator funny witty perfect on the red carpet

Full singing tribute performance on stage with dancers & rappers!

Zahava has been featured all across North America!

A true sensation!

The Biography of Zahava 

How she became a Star

How many people do you know that can comfortably perform on stage in front of 50-10,000 people and deliver a live professional performance like a star?

Officially has offered 20yrs experience impersonating all three tribute roles!

A veteran in the industry and world renowned! She gracefully recreates each character identically. Even Shania Twain herself couldnt believe the astounding resemblance when she met Zahava twice! 

As a young girl, Zahava loved to sing and found celebrities exciting. She never thought that she would become one. After seeing an image and film of Marilyn Monroe,she dreamt of becoming an actress and singer just like Marilyn. She always felt a real personal connection to Marilyn, which is why she is able to portray the icon so perfectly. She read her books, she watched all her films and went into acting. She wanted to present Marilyn in the most beautiful light. She always saw Marilyn as a delicate soul and loved her ability to captivate an audience. She truly found a sense of familarity within her. She never stopped singing since the age of 9 because it made her feel so free, happy and alive. She was singing for Weddings at the age of 17 professionally with a band and in High School Fashion Shows. Music touches her heart and soul. She can even sing in several languages. She adored dressing up and looking elegant. 


Growing up she fell in love with the mystery and wonder of Monroe. She studied the work, personal life and history of Marilyn Monroe extensively for years. Zahava explored costuming and telegrams and had such a huge response from it, within one year she was able to quit her full time job. She always ensured every gown was tailored identically as the original by having them all custom made. Zahava worked hard at recreating the timeless soft spoken beauty. She visits Marilyn's crypt every year on her birthday to pay her respects to her success. She also stayed in the Roosevelt Hotel in her suite where Marilyn had stayed for a time being. She has an extensive collection of artifacts that once belonged to the silver screen icon Marilyn Monroe.


Zahava loved the music of the famous Country Diva, Shania and incorporated some hit songs into her top 40 wedding sets, until she met Shania Twain's makeup artist in Toronto who transformed her stage presence and identity. Since 1998 Zahava has been featured as Shania Twain at a multitude of special events all across North America with a four piece band. When Zahava met Shania Twain, Shania was astonished at the resemblance and autographed a photo of Zahava in honor of her devotion.   


Zahava was instantly taken by Joan Rivers brutal honesty and hysterical personality on 'Fashion Police' and on the red carpet. Joan is known for saying what everyone thinks and everyone just loves her. Zahava began writing her own jokes, practicing voice mimic, and style until she nailed it! Joan would be proud to see Zahava in action, she is a true look-alike and riot! Zahava has been on the radio, featured in People magazine, Toronto Sun, Chatelaine magazine, Toronto Star and the Globe & Mail as all three characters. She was featured on two major reality TV shows on the TLC and Slice Network. Zahava continues to carry on her legacy of comedy. Joan said herself that she never wants to retire.


Zahava's characters are a perfect combination of class, humor, wit and sensuality. Zahava hand picked all these roles because they truly encompass parts of who she is. She has a fire within her that is rare to see and she is a gifted performer. She shockingly recreates all 4 personas in one evening with her team of transformational professionals.