Porsche Event 

"Zahava is the Porsche of Entertainment!"

Hydro One Staff Appreciation

"A remarkable woman with exceptional stage presence. She is truly captivating."

International Hotels

 "She is always a hit, our guests cant get enough of her."


"She always arrives looking like a million bucks! She is utterly fabulous on and off stage."

Fallsview Casino

"She had me fooled! Zahava has the voice of an angel"

Royal York Hotel

"Happy to have found such a classy, professional and reliable act."

Stratford Theatre

"With how much we paid I was a little apprehensive at first to be honest, but after seeing her in action I would highly reccomend her to anyone. She is a sensation! People are still talking about it. She is a dazzling delight."

Stratford Theatre

"With how much we paid I was a little apprehensive at first to be honest, but after seeing her in action I would highly reccomend her to anyone. She is a sensation! People are still talking about it. She is a dazzling delight."

TD Canada Trust

"Always a hit at our parties!"

Magna International

"Your "Hollywood Diva's Live" show with Joan/Marilyn/Shania were all fantastic!! Zahava, you were wonderful to work with as well as very accommodating, you are beautiful & talented, and  we were very honoured to have you at our event. I have heard nothing, but positive comments about the entertainment at the party. Thank you for all that you did to coordinate with me. It was much appreciated & it was a pleasure dealing with you!"


"Thank you for your excellent service and for such a great job performing your Hollywood Diva's Live show! Your show was incredibly interactive and entertaining and you did a really great job relating to the crowd. Each one of your acts from Joan for cocktail hour, to Marilyn for the dinner show, to Shania to get the party started was so close to the real thing It was shocking!  Thank you again! 

Price Waterhouse Cooper

" Zahava! A big thank you formaking our evening a huge success!! You are a star!" 

Chum FM

"I have had the pleasure of working with Zahava on three separate occasions, each time a better experience than the one before. Here at CHUM 104.5 we pride ourselves on the professional service we provide our listeners and shareholders. Zahava has helped CHUM continue this service with a very thorough booking service that has helped CHUM create and execute fun and exciting promotional events. Zahava is always very professional, always returning emails and phone calls within a few hours. Zahava always makes things work! Her work ethic is incredible and she clearly loves her job and her clients.   I highly recommend working with Zahava!"


"I thought I should let you know once again what an outstanding performance you put on at our event. When you burst into the room, there was a gasp from our guests then complete silence. We looked around to see what was happening. It was a very unusual moment. At this time we noticed guests mouths were open and they were all in complete shock. I do recall you mentioning to the audience during one song that you are a huge Shania Twain fan and that is why you started this tribute show. I don't think people at that point believed you were a tribute artist and moved in closer to take a second look at you. You have an absolutely beautiful voice and your stage presence is just amazing. The event has since passed but people are still talking about this incredible show. We will certainly have "Shania" back for our next function."


"Shania was wonderful!
Everyone that I have spoken to were very impressed. You may even hear from more people at Tridel for another function. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her. This morning the gentleman we paid tribute to, said that she should get an agent and break out on her own. She's that good!!!"

Telus Mobility

"Shania" Zahava was awesome!! Everyone really liked her, she was high energy... GORGEOUS and very talented. Thanks for everything."

TD Pricewater House Coopers

"I just wanted to thank you for helping to make the entertainment at our national conference such a success! Your impersonation of Shania Twain was fantastic both in looks and voice. Your performance far exceeded my expectations! Just WOW"

The Forum

"Thank you so much for entertaining us at our recent event. One out of numerous comments that came back to the executive that night was "I sure don't want to be on the planning committee for next year's event" They just didn't think it could get any better. The comment about the Zahava aka Shania, was that no one believed that it was actually her singing because she was SO good but she was! She is pretty much a dead ringer too!! Our social and membership drive was most successful."

Private Birthday

"I need to thank you for making my birthday party so memorable! Everyone had a blast! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I will never forget that evening. Loved your show, as did my guests!  It will be the talked about for days/weeks!! Again, thanks bunches! MUAH!"


"Thank you for a wonderful performance last night at our dealers dinner gala. All 150 in attendance could not believe that you were a Shania Twain impersonator. In fact, even though you mentioned it in your show several times I still received calls the next day from people asking to settle a bet. Is she or isn't she the real thing? I told them you weren't and we all had a good laugh. Your vocal style and appearance are both professional and VERY convincing. I like the way you interacted with the audience and I especially liked the song that included the line dancing with our guests. That was very entertaining. Thank you again for your attention to detail and helping to make our event a great success!"

T & S Services

"I have booked "Shania" on every occasion for the large corporate events that I put on. Her voice, mannerism and appearance have been very well received by all who have seen her. She truly becomes SHANIA in her show and some have even asked if she was the real Shania even though she is introduced as a tribute artist. People will even stay until after the show just to be sure. In fact, at our most recent event, some of the guests asked how I managed to have Shania Twain attend since she is currently on tour and completely sold out! In my opinion, she is the best Shania Twain impersonator out there vocally & visually. She would be my first recommendation for any event!"

Toronto Molson Indy

"Your Shania Twain impersonation was fantastic. Your look was incredible and your voice was unbelievable. It was astonishing how similar you were to Shania Twain. I truly believe there were several patrons in the crowd that thought you were the real thing! Thank you for an incredible show!"


"Just wanted to let you know that I worked with the real Shania Twain at Deerhurst Resort in Canada before she made it big. I think you look and sound just like her. Hope to catch your show again soon."

Princess Margaret Hospital

"Your performance of Shania Twain was absolutely fantastic! All of the guests at the event were truly amazed by your ability to sing and resemble the artist in every way. Some of the guests even thought it was a recorded voice with the music because it was done so well but you were singing live!  We really look forward to seeing you for our next event in hopes that you will be available. You added such a great impression to our event, I'm sure that our ticket sales will increase because of it."


Baker Centre Foundation

"Thank you for coming out to entertain our guests at our first annual golf tournament yesterday. I can't begin to tell you how surprised and pleased everyone was to see "Shania". You not only look so much like Shania but you sound exactly like her! Several guests asked me if it really was a live show because they simply could not believe how much you sound like her. The way you had the guests participate in your show was extremely entertaining. I heard you sing on your website but it compares nothing to the live act. I would highly recommend you to anyone who wants to add some fun to any event. All of our guests, bar none, told me on the way out that this was the best golf tournament that they have ever attended."

The Bay

"Hi Zahava! Just a short but sweet note to thank you for your first class Marilyn show here at the Queen Street ,"Stars" for our Hollywood at the Bay."  Customers and staff alike were amazed and so very entertained by your high end calibre, but in addition to that, your talent, and that you are very personable, friendly and enthusiastic! I would not hesitate to recommend the excellent service you provide to anyone interested in putting together a highly entertaining and professional event. So thanks again and on behalf of everyone here at the Bay, Queen Street, we look forward to working with you again in the not too distant future!"

Mammoet Canada Eastern Ltd. 

"We wanted to express our gratitude and appreciation to you for the most successful and well attended celebration in Mammoet Canada Eastern's history! You are such a highly professional and talented performer and you really set the tone for an evening filled with fun and laughter, a much needed change to the stress and fast pace of a busy office and field operations. Your Shania tribute was brilliant and so powerful! Thank you for making our celebration one that will be remembered for a very long time!"


Toronto Star

"I just wanted to thank you Zahava, on behalf of Toronto Star, for helping our Farewell Party to be a huge success. You did an amazing job as Marilyn Monroe and you were a huge contribution to the success of the event. Overall an excellent celebrity impression of MM. You were always in character, very lively, and were great at mingling with the guests and keeping everyone entertained. You left a lasting impression with the attendees and the take-home photos with you and our guests were also a nice added classy touch. We received positive feedback about everything including the red carpet, velvet ropes, and the added props you provided us with. All of these elements made our Hollywood-themed Farewell Party a little more extra special for those in attendance.Thanks again to you for your high-quality props and for your talent, both of which added greatly to the look and feel of the event." 


"I would like to thank you for performing at our event. When I finally got the opportunity to meet you just before the show, I was very shocked to see how much you look & sound like the real deal! Your Shania performance was really great & I could not believe how much you sound like the real Shania too! Your ability to get the group involved was wonderful. We were also grateful that we were able to get photos taken with you  as well! What an incredible opportunity all around. Thanks again for all your help and an incredible night!"


Respond Plus Services Inc.

"We recently had the pure pleasure of including Joan Rivers played by Zahava and her paparazzi booked for our trade show. Zahava as Joan & her photographers were so fun and engaging they added so much interaction not only in our booth but on the trade show floor, it was just amazing! I even had other exhibitors come and thank me for making the day so much more entertaining for them and the delegates! Some contacts remembered the buzz and I had several leads follow up with me the very next day! It was an excellent decision to include them in our tradeshow booth and an investment that we will realize for tradeshows come to as people recall this memorable addition to our tradeshow experience. Hollywood Divas Live aka Zahava should be recommended for her top notch tributes who really gives great entertainment value!!

Thanks again Joan and we look forward to any opportunity to work together with them."


BMO Financial Group

"Thank you so much for making our Year End Celebration a success to remember for decades to come.

The feedback from our guests and employees was amazing! Here are a few verbatim-

  • “Joan Rivers-- what a great red carpet!”

  • “Joan is so funny, I’m so glad I got to meet her”

  • “Marilyn made me wish I was a President”

  • “Wow Marilyn can really sing!”

  • “Marilyn's song list was amazing and her voice too!!”

    I don’t know how to express my gratitude for helping us put on such a great event. The employees that could not make it were really upset when they heard the stories that were told the next day. The top topic was how Joan interacted with the guests as they arrived and the photo ops with her too. I am so glad we selected Zahava for our event; my only trouble now is how to top this year’s event next year!! Thank you for a wonderful and memorable night; I look forward to having you at our events in the future. If needed please feel free to contact me for any questions or concerns. Thank you again and I wish you all the best."



(Ontario Real Estate Assoc.)

"I can't begin to tell you how happy I am that we went with that whole Hollywood experience. It truly made the event a success. Zahava, you are amazing! Marilyn and Joan and the paparazzi were AMAZING. Everyone loved them and is still talking about them. Everyone has their pictures on their desks and still wishes that the night had never ended. They loved that they got to take them home right away and didn't have to wait for them. Wow what a night. I am so pleased with how everything came together and how well your group blended in with us and made the experience such a success. I'm hoping that they enjoyed it as much as we did. I can't say enough Zahava.  Thank you for those added touches; it means a lot to me that you were just as excited to put this together for me. I hope that this is just the beginning of a great working relationship. Thank you Zahava for such a fantastic experience!"


The Bay

"Dear Zahava, customers and staff alike were amazed and amused by the caliber of your Marilyn Monroe impersonation & in addition to that, how so very talented & very personable, friendly and enthusiastic you are! I would not hesitate to recommend your Marilyn show to anyone interested in putting together a highly entertaining and professional event. So thanks again Zahava and on behalf of everyone here at the Bay!"


Thank You Letters