Marilyn Monroe

The Famously Glamorous Icon


Zahava as seen on the Brides of Beverly Hills will leave you spellbound!

Call or email for an accurate quote

Price has many varying factors:

Varies depending on location, time frame, day of the week, Holidays, multiple characters, makeup crew needed, on-stage announcements, telegrams, media work, international accommodations, traveling expenses, DJ or full band needed etc. 


20yrs of experience as a singer/impersonator and self-enterprising woman

Flown around the world to perform

Featured in Magazines, radio, television

Her LIVEBroadcasts are down below 


Zahava is the best there is for celebrity look-a-likes


She sings, walks, talks and laughs just like Monroe!   


Phenomenal actress, singer and star! 

Toronto's Best Celebrity Tribute Artist

Marilyn Monroe impersonator in Toronto

Marilyn is available for several appearances: 

Marilyn is available for several appearances: 

Marilyn is available for several appearances: 

Walk around entertainment with the stars!

On stage vocal performances of the best of Marilyn Monroe

Papparazzi tribute: Photos with the star!

Marilyn Monroe's famous birthday song

Gallery of Zahava as Marilyn

Well-rehearsed and professional artist playing four famous roles:

Shania, Rivers, Katy Perry and Monroe!

Live Classic Monroe

Zahava singing:

Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend

Marilyn & Jessica Simpson

How many people do you know that can comfortably perform on stage in front of

50-10,000 people and deliver a live professional performance like a star?

Officially has offered 20yrs experience impersonating all three tribute roles!

A veteran in the industry and world renowned! She gracefully recreates each character identically. Even Shania Twain herself couldnt believe the astounding resemblance when she met Zahava twice! 

Live Interview with Zahava 

LIVE Interview on 88.5FM Radio - Zahava as Marilyn Monroe 2015
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TV Preview with Zahava

on TLC Network

Videos of Zahava as Marilyn Monroe: