Katy Perry


All started with a dream!

Yes you heard that correctly, prepare to be amazed!

Zahava had a vision and a highly influential dream telling her that Katy Perry should be her next iconic figure to add to her tribute artist Hollywood Divas collection.

That is exactly what she set off to do. 

After memorizing the best of Katy's hits, she ventured into the fashion world to recreate Katy Perry's colorful and playful Pop style. 

Zahava hired a makeup artist and a professional wig stylist to capture the right look before she was ready for the stage. 

Zahava as Katy - Birthday
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Katy Perry impersonator in Toronto

Her first show was a success!

Glamorously walked on stage with a Nicki Minaj look-alike , two back up dancers and a Snoop Dog look-alike ,and performed a 15min set of the best of Katy Perry flawlessly.

After that her entire team was convinced she could sing anything!

Back up dancers & Rappers

Let us know the size of the stage and amount of guests and

we will ensure your event is as dynamic as possible

Setting up for the show
Zahava as Katy - California Girls
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Zahava as Katy - Hot and Cold
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Videos of Zahava as Katy Perry!